Hey everyone!!

Sorry its been a few days, but NOW that I have some time  I’ll share what I have been up to!!!!

Aside from starting to take live calls at work as oppose to the normal training (which was terrifying even for someone who just quit her other call center job) I went to a party this weekend!

It was in celebration of my grandparents 47th anniversary/4th of July!

Started with swimming and Sangria, then along came the storm clouds!! We thought they might go past us because they were all north of us and moving east…but then the wind came! So we all grabbed everything off of the tables (we were just setting up food) and ran inside. With the help of my boyfriend, grandma, grandpa, and myself, we got everything inside seconds before a downpour!!

So me and my grandma set up everything inside as my aunt and uncle and some close friends arrived. We all ate, told dirty jokes and stories, and just had a blast. After we were all finished the rain had cleared to sunny again!!

We then were able to continue our outdoor festivities with fireworks!!! My cousin who has Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder even sat through most of it!! It was a huge step and I’m so proud of him!! He didn’t like the loud ones very much and would back away when they went off but at least he was outside this time!! He really enjoyed himself.

After setting off TONS of fireworks (roman candles, bottle rockets, fountains, and one with 750 shots) and putting all of the empty used up fireworks in the firepit we lit a fire. It was great….then Brandon said “its too quiet” when no one was talking. Right then a fountain, that apparently didn’t finish off started shooting out of the side of the fire pit! 2 people took off running and the rest of us sat there and laughed. After 2 more occurrences with roman candles it was time to leave.

It was so much fun!!

In the world of crochet, I am happy to report progress with projects as well as a newly cleaned. claimed, and organized work space!.

So first thing’s first.

I made a blanket for my mother, more of a decorative umm, I don’t know what they are called…but they lay down across the foot of the bed. Now the only way I could take a picture of this is in pieces so get ready, its taken in 5 shots, one for each of her children.






It’s really long! So long that the first and the last children are hanging off the side of the king sized bed!!

She really loves it, and so does Lily, my 2 year old sister (the one in the middle)

Along with that I also finished my very first doily!!

I still need to flatten it completely but here is the finished picture before that process.


Aside from those two projects I am finishing up my batman blanket and trying out this  new scarf my grandma taught me how to make!

And here is a photo of my work space, not including my arm chair and my huge box of yarn ❤



So, after a long and productive (in more ways than one) day at work I am home. Eating another home cooked meal by who other than myself.

How was my work day productive in more than one way you ask?  (Admit it, I know you’re curious)

Aside from my usual workday I managed to find the time to make a cute, REALLY durable, snug sleeve for my beloved nook!

It’s cotton, two types of yarn (black and hot pink), and perfect!


And the pattern here

I link to Ravelry because if you don’t have an account there, you don’t know what you’re missing! And I am not exaggerating, I love the organization it offers, and the ability to keep track of projects and just….check it out.

This makes 4 projects completed in 2 days! I have yarn burn!

So project number one was a little panda plushie doll, because I LOVE pandas! They are only the cutest, sweetest, most cuddly animals in the world and I plan on one day going on one of  the panda sites and “adopting” a panda ❤


Here ❤

You should have seen the day (not too long ago) that I found out that they have live streaming panda cams all over the world!! It was a Friday, and not one time through that whole weekend was my computer screen without a live panda feed.

If you are interested in viewing the panda cams HERE is a great list of all of the panda cams! The “explore” ones also have other cams to all kinds of neat animals and even the northern lights! Also the Edinburgh Zoo is a 24 hour cam with night vision, and also features a monkey cam!

But back to the projects…..

I also finished a 6 foot 11 inch scarf, which is pretty and of course pink!

Free Pattern requires sign up


And I made a hammock for my pet rats ❤

Free pattern on ravelry


(Rat which resembles an opossum not included)

So that’s that!

Some exciting news as far as I’m concerned….I get paid this week! First paycheck at a new job is always the best. That means I get to play catch up, and may even be able to buy a loom set and/or these cool things that were shown to me….one is a finger guard. It’s supposed to be for people who whittle, but I have gotten in such a bad habit of holding my yarn and bouncing my hook off my finger since I did the amigurumi panda that it just hurts….I have been using a band aid. Also was brought to my attention that they have these cool things that well…you know its easier just to show you. These things look so cool, the plastic and the metal one. I will probably try both just because they are so inexpensive and well I could certainly use it!

Deciding my next project, hope that I decide soon, if not I may just go back and finish some of my old ones.

I am off for the night, very sleepy and just about ready to hit the sack! And it’s only 7:20 pm!! I know I’m not an old lady now, come on haha!


p.s. I have officially gained 2 followers from my “Begin” post! As I mentioned this is my first ever blog, so that makes me SUPER excited!! I had even more “likes” so that tells me I already have readers! Love you all!!

p.s. again, I am terrible at linking things apparently, so bear with my terrible links haha!


Thus begins my very first blog!

Due to an obsession with crochet since I have put in the effort to learn many new stitches, patterns and well anything I could get my hands on information-wise about the craft, I wanted to start a blog to keep track.

I have found it somewhat difficult to keep everything organized and together, and because of that its hard to keep motivation. I have tried everything, bookmarks in a special folder, downloading and archiving patterns, printing them out and trying to keep them together…but nothing seems to work for me. I find myself still having to break and try to find time to go to the original source of the pattern, or youtube even when in doubt about how to do something.

I have found many resources which are wonderful, including just being introduced to
In this one weekend I have completed 3 projects, one from ravelry.
I love how you can track your progress and update your materials and tools.

I am also starting this so that I can share my own projects and patterns that I create.

I hope that everyone enjoys my following posts and that we can all learn from each other in a big happy family tangled together by only the best yarn =)