I have started the biggest project I have ever done as of the 9th of September. 

I am going to need around 47 skeins of yarn give or take just for the 476 granny squares…..
I have 95 days and counting to finish….

I have designed this blanket….that is going to be epic….

So far I have made 41/476 squares. I have a 3 day weekend coming up with nothing to do. 

I hope to complete at least 119/476 by this monday morning. 

I think it is doable, I just need more yarn I have gone through 4 skeins thus far. 


Just thought I’d let you know I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth, just working on this, and a few other projects including a beautiful doily, and possibly my first commission of a super grover hat. 

Reporting to you, extremely tired, and apparently now sick (thanks to my fellow co-workers) 

This is Shara

Signing off. 

Expect updates haha