I have received 2 packages from Hobby Lobby since we last spoke. The first containing a set of 4 circle looms, the second containing 2 new crochet hooks, 1 package of crochet hook grips and 2 balls of new thread, sizes 30 and 10. My new hooks are .75mm and 1.5mm! 





I’m excited to try the smaller sizes!!

Especially after finding this etsy shop!!


I have also completed, then started a few projects. 

Completed a baby sized really thick winter hat. And what with the lack of babies around here I modeled the hat on something else for my picture…..




Yes… panda….

I thought it was cute anyways!! 

I have started a doily and an adult sized hat to match that scarf I made previously…OH and another really pretty scarf to be pictured later! But now I’m considering starting another doily so I can take advantage of the new additions to my stash! 

Haven’t really decided yet…

I have been extremely tired as of late though, therefore getting a lot less done. Alongside that work has finally become work (not that I was complaining before) so no time there anymore. 


Upcoming is a craft show that my grandma attends and sets up at every year and I am really looking forward to that!! I am thinking about and hoping to increase the number of projects and see if I can sell some things. 

If nothing else I can sell what I have and prep for next year. 

AND I can paint faces and get a few extra bucks! I do a mean spongebob…..though I don’t even know if that’s what’s in now a days….does that mean I’m getting old? Because I’m only 23 and that’s not cool…..



on that note, I am really tired….Going to bed. Nice catching up! 



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