Thus begins my very first blog!

Due to an obsession with crochet since I have put in the effort to learn many new stitches, patterns and well anything I could get my hands on information-wise about the craft, I wanted to start a blog to keep track.

I have found it somewhat difficult to keep everything organized and together, and because of that its hard to keep motivation. I have tried everything, bookmarks in a special folder, downloading and archiving patterns, printing them out and trying to keep them together…but nothing seems to work for me. I find myself still having to break and try to find time to go to the original source of the pattern, or youtube even when in doubt about how to do something.

I have found many resources which are wonderful, including just being introduced to
In this one weekend I have completed 3 projects, one from ravelry.
I love how you can track your progress and update your materials and tools.

I am also starting this so that I can share my own projects and patterns that I create.

I hope that everyone enjoys my following posts and that we can all learn from each other in a big happy family tangled together by only the best yarn =)



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